Friday, 2 January 2015

The man who stole a leopard.

Happy New Year!
It's officially 2015!
Hope you all had an amazing Christmas and a lovely New Year, and that there weren't too many sore heads on the first of January!

I was spoilt by everyone I know for Christmas, as per usual! 
I might do a quick post on what I got, but then again it's not really what I want to do!
I'm 22 now, and Christmas really isn't about what I got anymore, it's about spending time with your family, eating so much that you resemble a potato and basically getting drunk as much as possible during the day!
So we'll see how inspired I feel for a post like that over the next few weeks!

I haven't done any New Years Resolutions, because basically they don't last!
But one thing I have thought about is that I'd like to do a few more outfit based posts on here!
I love shopping/clothes/fashion and I think I have good style and know how to dress myself relatively well, so I'd like to document it a bit more!

It will be difficult to get regular 'outfit' shots when it's not a mirror reflection because I basically live alone and I don't have a proper camera! But when I do, I'll try and bully friends and family into taking a few pictures for me!

So here we go, first outfit of the day post of 2015!

My brother wasn't the happiest about taking these pictures so excuse the potential poor quality!

This was an easy look for running my brother around town and doing errands and doing family visits! It's an mix of Christmas presents, Christmas sale shopping and things that have been in my wardrobe for a long time!

Leather jacket - Dorothy Perkins - £49.00 - £39.20
Leopard Print Top - Zara - £29.99 - £19.99
Skirt - River Island - Old stock (not online anymore! sob - I want a new one)
Tights - Primark - (probably about 3 years old lets be honest who buys new tights)
Ankle boots - Dorothy Perkins - £35.00 - £25.00
Handbag - Jaeger - £59.00 (mine is last year's version of the one in the link, hence why it's a different price than what's online! I got mine at a Jaeger Outlet!)
Rings - August Woods at Argento - £15.00

Do you like outfit posts?
What would you like to see more/less of?

Let me know and I can try my best to satisfy your needs!

Until next time!