Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Harry Potter Tag

Hey cuties.
Feeling mega nerd/bookworm inspired after watching my bestie Becca's Harry Potter Tag (find it HERE!) so I wanted to do it too! 
Hers will 100% be better because it's a video and I'm just typing but my inner nerd is still here and present, just hiding behind my laptop screen!

Wingardium leviosa, let's go.

1. Favourite Book?

Order of the Phoenix. I just love the idea of a secret house being hidden in the middle of a normal terraced street. I love to hate Dolores Umbridge, and she's just such a huge part of that book. I imagine that's what I'll dress like when I'm like 70 - all in pink and tweed skirt suits, mind you I'm not aiming to be such a bitch! The way she's talked in a book is exactly in my mind how she should have looked in the movie so I was thrilled with that!

2. Favourite movie?

The Deathly Hallows - Can I have part one and two?! I can't split them in my brain because in theory they are the same book... But if I had to chose it would be part 1. I love when Ron comes back and saves Harry from drowning in the lake.. Plus the bit when Harry and Hermione kind of get it on in some weird holographic format is just so perfect. Not in a sexual way obvs because that is eh like majah weird, but the way that it winds Ron up is just filmed so brilliantly. *inserts clappy hands emoji*

3. Least favourite book?

Same as Becca on this one - The Prisoner of Azkaban.. Just doesn't really do it for me that much! I didn't like the movie either, nothing particularly important/life-changing/drastic happens in it so it's definitely more of a snoozefest than the rest!

4. Parts of the books/movies that made you cry?

Right, so I'm an emotional mess when it comes to films, so a lot of it made me cry... Sirius dying/Dobby dying/Dumbledore dying/Snape turning out to be a good guy/Harry and Hermione at Harry's parents grave on Christmas eve/When they're all grown up/When any characters die/When anything at all happens in the book and or movie/When I breathe. K. 

5. If you could hook up with any character, who would it be?

Lets all just take a moment and look below.


That is all.

6. Favourite character?

Hermione Granger. It has to be really. She is the epitome of girl power, she's educated, she's hilarious, she's sarcastic, she's got one hell of a right hook (i.e. when she lamps Draco one) aaaaand she turns into one helluva woman crush wednesday by the end of the 8th movie. Queen.

7. What would your Patronus be?

Easy, an owl. If it was anything else I wouldn't want to be a wizard.
Okay I probably would, but I'd be pretty gutted if it wasn't an owl.

8. If you could have the resurrection stone, the invisibility cloak or the elder wand, what would you choose?

I think I'd want the invisibility cloak... I love being nosey, I can't deny that. So it's probably my dream to be able to sit in a room and listen to other peoples conversations and business without them knowing I was there. Sneaky sneaky.

9. What house would you be in?

I've done the Pottermore test, and not even specifically for this tag. I done it agessss ago, I was one of those people that maybe registered for early access to Pottermore, but anyway... And I have some bad news guys.
I'm in Hufflepuff.
I'm so disappointed, I thought I was a Gryffindor through and through.. But alas.
Hufflepuffs are said to be "patient and unafraid of toil" which I suppose does kind of sum me up. I'm not afraid of working hard, so I guess it's a fair representation. But I think deep down, everyone wants to be a Gryffindor.

10. If you could meet any member of the cast, who would it be?

Daniel Radcliffe, to me he's so interesting and funny. He'd have some amazing and probably scary stories to tell after his substance abuse problems but I'd love to meet him to hear all about it from his own mouth, rather than what you read online & in the news.

11. Have you played any of the video games?

Oh yes. For my Nintendo, my Playstation and my Wii. I had games for them all. Loved them. Was shit at spells though, Flitwick hated me. Wingardium Leviosaaaaaah. 

12. If you were on the Quidditch team, what position would you play?

I'm like the most unsporty person to have ever graced the planet. The only position I ever played in football/netball/hockey was goalie so I guess I'd have to be the Keeper! I'd probably get hit on the head with by a bludger, fall off my broom, get stuck in a hoop and die up there though. 

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13. Where you happy with the ending?

YES! I know I said I cried up there ^^^ but it was tears of happiness and relief. I don't think I could have coped if Harry had died, I think it would have ruined everything for me! And I love the bit when they go back and they're all grown up. ALL THE TEARS. 

14. How much does Harry Potter mean to you?

I honestly love it so much, it's my favourite set of books, my favourite set of films, favourite cast of a movie, favourite special effects of a movie. I'm not obsessed with it as in I feel like I need to watch the movies at least once a month etc.. But I have read like the first 5 books 8 times each or something, and watched the films countless times. It was the first thing I ever really 'got in to' when I was growing up so it holds a very happy place in my heart. And like Becca I will be forcing Harry Potter upon my children whether they like it or not!


Hope you've enjoyed this slightly nerdier side of me!
I'm sure this hasn't appealed to everyone but it's satisfied my nerd cravings for now!
I tag anyone who's even mildly interested in Harry Potter to do the tag and send me your links!

But for now my